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With millions of dance lovers in the world, dance has become enormously popular and this group grows every year. Through the success of the national and international DJs such as David Guetta, Afrojack, Tiësto, Armin van Buuren, Swedish House Mafia, Deadmau5, Calvin Harris, Carl Cox etc., the dance scene is known as the leading music trend in the world.

Dance is not only music, but also a way of living, synonymous with going out, enjoying life and good business for a large target group.  It is differentiated from other music streams and has many sub-streams within the scene.

The huge popularity of dance is best shown in the enthusiasm for dance events, pop charts, music downloads and in investments on the international and national market.

From the dance scene, the need grew for a multimedia TV and radio platform where people can watch, listen, experience and share a joint interest.

The dance target group consists mainly of 18-35 year old people M/F with a link to the 20-49 year old target group M/F and the 14 -18 target group M/F. From side of the advertisers, there is a need to reach this interesting target group. This is then the basis for the initiative JFTR- Just For The Record, to offer dance lovers global content, products and a community at the right moment on different platforms: tv, internet, radio, cellphone, print and events.

The online television and radio channel JFTR will be the primary medium within the multimedia network where JFTR will be positioned as a brand. An important feature of JFTR is the recognition of the wishes of the dance lovers translating these to television, radio, cellphone and internet.

With relevant and a high quality content we shall service this target group optimally with programs, live events, products and services.

We distinguish ourselves from existing clip channels like MTV and VH1 because we are 100% dedicated to the dance scene and use online television and radio, which can be applied worldwide and not by using the traditional cable, digital television and radio.

With our daily, broad programming, we offer viewers a look at the dance scene and life style. The information that the viewer is looking for can be found quickly because of the depth of what will be offered.

Therefore, JFTR is a very attractive platform for brands that want to market to the wide dance target group and to realize communication targets. We have a wide range of resources and solutions. You will read more about these in this brochure and we are willing to discuss the JFTR platform with you personally.

JFTR 24/7 online electronic dance tv

JFTR is an “infotainment and entertainment” online television and radio channel with live reports on dance acts, events, documentaries, information, news, films etc. from the dance scene worldwide.  From Las Vegas to Amsterdam from Ibiza to Hong Kong.  With daily new programs in a so called program carrousel JFTR is the visual and audio cradle of the dance scene.

JFTR offers background information on the dance scene, interviews with famous DJs and producers, party reports, festivals, docusoaps, hot spots in the nightlife scene, fashion trends, backstage reports, the worldwide GPS based event and entertainment calendar, information, tickets, gear, merchandise, prices, VIP treatments, the ultimate dance community and much, much more !

JFTR develops creative and target related concepts in co-operation with the client in order to make an effective translation of the campaign targets.

To achieve this JFTR can use various resources: TV;    VOD;   website;    live stream;   radio;   cellphone;   print;   events etc.

As well as traditional TV commercials, sponsoring also offers a number of ways to reach the target group. Examples are: Your own TV program, items,  product placement, split-screen advertising, full page bannering, billboarding, events and live reports. Both traditional and non-spot campaigns can be broadcast through the multimedia platform of JFTR.

For many years TV and radio have been the most popular and effective commercial media. There is a change going on, from watching traditional television to watching online TV, whenever you want to.

Your commercials will be surrounded by high quality and relevant programs on JFTR. Our programs are selected based on the wishes of our viewers, which adds value for our advertisers. Using online television and radio to measure viewer ratings and listening habits of the target group is much more reliable.

The range of JFTR is worldwide. For that reason, we can contribute an important international and national aspect to your marketing and communication targets.

The power of online television

The power of online television and radio is unsurpassed. No other medium offers such a wide range and such impact. The combination of vision and sound makes your message powerful and guarantees that you will realize fast growth.

Online television and radio are extremely effective ways of advertising. You can focus accurately on the target group so very little waste occurs. In addition to this advertising, online television and radio is also measurable and competitive with other forms of media.

In a world where media plays a fast growing role, where the developments occur quickly and where old and new media compete with each other to get the attention of the customer/ consumer, the care for your brand has become an essential part of entrepreneurship.  We understand this and, therefore, follow the developments that influence the market closely.

With our TV and radio brand JFTR, in addition to many online activities, we offer you a unique platform to give your brand the look and care it deserves. 

Our starting point is your communication targets that will be shaped in a tailor-made package together with you. We make use of an extensive portfolio of options that we have to hand. If you do not have a ready-made advertisement, we are perfectly capable of producing one in-house for you.


Brand-activating by means of music, tv, events and community is a proven formula. If you want to receive more information about the different forms of advertising or rather receive a tailor made proposition you can contact us at: info@jftr.tv